Nesting Cash and Carry Trolley 4 PU Wheels (F&V)


The Nesting Cash & Carry platform trolley is a perfect mode of transporting warehouse and store items
In a warehouse, it is a good choice for transporting items in larger boxes.
Attached to the trolley is a small basket which comes useful to keep files, clipboard or other stationary items.
Store staff also benefit from using these during stocking that takes place during store hours, as they are easier to navigate around crowded aisles.


Nesting Cash and Carry Trolley PU Wheels

Item Details:

  • Strong, durable construction with a painted framework
  • Features a rear basket.
  • Good for warehouse and store use
  • Useful for transporting large items
  • Nestable for better storage

Item Specifications

•Capacity: 500KG
•Length: 1450mm
•Width: 670mm
•Height: 1070mm

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